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MRVL Beginnings

MRVL was founded by two long-time friends with an interest in the research surrounding blue scorpion venom and a yearning to make a positive difference in the world.


For decades, scientists from around the globe have researched the complex compounds within blue scorpion venom, primarily focused on cancer research and the positive impact the venom showed. Of particular interest to the MRVL founders were the anti-aging skincare properties of the 36-amino acid peptide contained in the venom.


With further research and development, MRVL labs perfected a technique to isolate, extract, and purify the complex compounds within the venom to create our proprietary Blue Scorpion Peptide CTX™, the key ingredient in the MRVL Skin Solutions line of products and the key reason behind our astonishing results.


The MRVL Miracle

After decades of research by multiple scientists and institutions—helping thousands of cancer patients around the globe—the peptide extracted from the Caribbean blue scorpion was nicknamed “Cuba’s miracle drug” for producing astonishing results with targeted cancer treatments by stimulating the immune system’s ability to attack diseased cells.

Within the peptide, celebrated for its results with targeted cancer treatments, are compounds with equally promising applications for skincare. Today, the peptide once heralded as Cuba’s miracle drug has been scientifically reformulated into MRVL’s Skin Solutions products, offering you unprecedented results in anti-aging skincare.

Discover what MRVL Skin Solutions can do for you. Discover the MRVL miracle for yourself.

The MRVL Difference

Only MRVL products are formulated with naturally-derived and highly- purified Blue Scorpion Peptide CTX™ to promote optimal results and long-term benefits.

The clinically proven anti-aging skincare results associated with naturally-derived Blue Scorpion Peptide CTX™ cannot be imitated by synthesized ingredients found in other skincare products that seek to mimic our remarkable results.

Only MRVL products are scientifically formulated to achieve the perfect concentration of healthy enzymes, minerals, and amino acids from naturally-derived and highly-purified Blue Scorpion Peptide CTX™. It’s our MRVL-OUS difference! Discover it for yourself.


The MRVL Way

With MRVL’s astounding anti-aging skincare results, you may wonder why other manufacturers aren’t producing similar products rather than trying to mimic our results with synthesized knock-offs.

The answer is simple. Scorpion venom is the most expensive liquid on Earth, estimated at $39 M per gallon! Understandably, purchasing venom to obtain the unique ingredients that are key to our formulas would be too costly for other manufacturers.

Fortunately, MRVL has our own blue scorpion farm. Read more to find out how we can offer our miraculous products at such MRVL-OUS savings.