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The venom of the Caribbean blue scorpion in its original form contains low molecular weight peptides, amino acids, proteins, and minerals essential to healthy skin and capable of astonishing results for damaged and aging skin.


Using proprietary technology, MRVL labs perfected a technique to isolate, extract, and purify the complex compounds within the venom. Our proprietary Blue Scorpion Peptide CTX™ is the key ingredient to all MRVL products and the key reason behind our astonishing results.


Exclusive Formula

Scientifically engineered to achieve the perfect concentration of healthy enzymes, minerals, and amino acids available from purified Blue Scorpion Peptide CTX™, our trademark key ingredient contains beneficial antioxidants and peptides that help rejuvenate skin for optimal results and long-term benefits.


Only MRVL products are infused with natural, highly purified Blue Scorpion Peptide CTX™ for optimal results in anti-aging skincare.


Advanced Delivery

Our innovative nano delivery system releases precise anti-aging ingredients over an extended period following application. Longer delivery means longer results.


The active ingredients of most skin care brands are depleted on initial contact. At MRVL, we understand you want long-term results. That’s why our scientists engineered our nano delivery system—to extend the release of targeted anti-aging ingredients over time.


Meet MRVL’s Chief Scientist

MRVL’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Adel Rammal, has over 20 years of experience in Research and Development, creating innovative cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.


Dr. Rammal was educated in France. He completed his PhD in Materials Chemistry and Nanotechnology from Université of Louis Pasteur. He holds a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetical Formulation from the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Paris XI as well as a master’s degree in Physical Chemistry from Haute Alsace University. He began his career as Senior Research Chemist in collaboration with Laboratoires Boiron, the largest manufacturer of homeopathic products in the world.


Dr. Rammal joined the cosmetic industry as a Formulation Specialist for Dow Corning in Belgium. There he collaborated with Christian Dior cosmetics in France. A move to Canada led him to join forces with Brandon Truaxe, former CEO of Deciem. The pair created Euoko, a luxury skin care brand. Subsequently, they began Indeed Labs where they created Nanoblur, an award-winning hero product that sparked a demand for “blur” products.


In 2016, Dr. Rammal joined Elizabeth Grant International as Chief Scientific Officer where he led the development and the launch of 16 new skincare collections. MRVL is fortunate to secure the talents of Dr. Adel Rammal as Chief Scientist for the development of MRVL skin solutions products.